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A girl can only..




A girl can only wait for a guy, for so long, that one day, she’ll get tired of waiting and leaves. A girl can only give you so many chances, that one day, her heart isn’t willing to take another heartbreak, anymore. A girl can only cry so much, that once she runs out of tears, she gets up, and realizes she needs to stay strong, and forgets about your ass. A girl can only put up with so many lies, so many bullshit, that sooner or later, she will stand up for herself. A girl can only get played, so many times, that one day.. she decides she can’t put up with this, and becomes afraid to love again. A girl can only put up with so many “I’m sorry”s, that one day, sorry will never be enough. A girl can only listen to your words, for so long, that one day, she will get tired of just hearing words and she will soon look for some action. A girl can only get her hopes up so many times, when you tell  her you’re going to do this and that, that she’ll get tired of being left disappointed, and move on. A girl can only get treated so bad, that one day, an amazing man will walk into her life, and he will treat her way better than you ever did.

It’s your lost. And you’re going to regret it.

yeah. your lost.

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10 more minutes,

till 4…tick tick tick

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Stages in a relationship.









  1. The chase. The stage where you get to know the person & grow to love them. You talk to them constantly & text them. They’re usually the last person you talk to before you go to bed. You wake up to goodmorning texts from them & they’re on your mind throughout the day. As you two grow closer, you learn more about each other that makes you fall even deeper in love with them. Their flaws aren’t really flaws to you & everything they do just makes you light up. You guys share the same taste in music & do cute things for each other. You try to impress one another & I bet your friends tease you two about getting together.  
  2. The facebook status change. So it’s official. Facebook official. You two are now “In A Relationship”. Congratulations ! Your friends “like” it & comment on it. Don’t even deny that you like the attention. Admit it, honeymoon days & the pillowtalk stage is great. (;
  3. Comfortable. You guys have reached a level of comfort with each other. You stopped trying to hard to impress one another & gradually you grow so accustomed to them if you’re a girl you lose the need to doll up & look your best every time you see them. Sometimes you may miss being single. It’s weird, when you’re single you want to be in a relationship but once you’re in one you sort of miss being single. You miss the freedom & now you’re responsible for another person’s feelings. But you shouldn’t feel that way constantly, or maybe you just can’t settle down.  
  4. Those stay-up-all-night-soul-crushing fights. You two have your first real fight. It was bound to happen eventually. Usually it brings you two closer because like they say, those who fight still care for each other. Those fights will either cause you to break up, or if you two endure, your love for each other will grow stronger & more secure. You realize the other person isn’t perfect, or exactly how you thought they were, as you become even more entwined in their life, but you love them despite your expectations.
  5. The grass is greener on the other side syndrome. There comes a point where you wonder if someone else could make you happier. If there’s someone out there that will connect to you better or love you better. The thing is, when they get you, most guys stop doing the things they used to. You miss how hard he would try & the cute things he’d do. It seems like he’s not putting in as much effort as the other guy who does cute things for you but face it, those insignificant things are nothing compared to the love he has for you. When a guy truly loves you, best believe you have his heart in the palm of your hands. 
  6. Long term. Maybe it’s 6 months, or maybe it’s a year. But when you two have made it so far together that you’re considered long term, that’s an accomplishment because most couples around this age only last a few months. 
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Too many people have waited for the storm to pass instead of learning to dance in the rain
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All of us know, that we don’t know what we have before it’s gone. Real talk, I’m not trying to discredit guys or anything, but they definitely do take shit for granted. A guy only realizes what he is losing, when he is on the verge of losing it. It’s like, do you really have to get to that point to realize that? Why can’t you realize it before it gets to that stage? You don’t feel the heat until you get burned completely; until you lose that person and suddenly realize that they aren’t going to put up with you anymore. When a guy is reassured that he has the girl wrapped around his finger, he is willing to take advantage of it. Then all of a sudden, there comes along a girl who won’t deal with his shit anymore and is willing to be strong& leave because she knows she deserves more than that. That’s the kind of girl that will change his ways and make him hold on even tighter. Usually it’s the girl holding on to the relationship, but when the games are flipped and a girl is about to walk away, that little boy will turn into a man and hold on to what he has because he knows that if he doesn’t, he’ll lose the best.


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